Are other people happy with our work?
– yes we will have a testimonial page coming to our website soon

Are you licensed and insured?
– I am not a licensed carpenter as you don’t have to be in Canada, but I did study carpentry techniques at Georgian College in Barrie and have 15 years experience in construction. Yes, Guest Contracting is fully insured for any work we do.

How do I contact you?
– We can be contacted at 705-229-7875 or by email at guest.contracting@gmail.com

Can I afford the project I have in mind?
– Most of the time people are on tight budgets and we know that. We work with you to do the best at maximizing your money and still achieving your goals. Sometimes not everything a person wants can be done within their budget at that time.

Are your sub- trades licensed and insured?
– Yes, we only use fully licensed trades, plumbers, electricians, Hvac etc. They are all fully insured as well.

What are the typical days for working, and what hours?
– We work Monday- Friday usually. If there is a job that needs to be completed sooner we will work Saturdays as well. We like to be on the job site from 7:30-5.

How do you handle design changes/ change orders?
– Depending on the change that is wanted we can stop right away and work to the new specifications given to us. If the task has already completed and something is needed to be changed, we do our best to make whatever changes are necessary. Ultimately the client has to be happy and we will do whatever that takes within reason.

Do you warranty your work?
– Yes, we do our best to follow manufacturers install instructions on whatever products we install which in most cases is a 2-5 year warranty on products.

What are some examples of your work already completed “pictures”
– If you look through the photo sections here on our Facebook page you will find pictures of jobs we have completed. We also have a Instagram account under Guest Contracting, which we share fun pictures through out the week of what we”re working on. We are also working on a new website coming soon what will have a full photo gallery.

Is drive time to the job site included?
– I do not charge for driving to the job site unless it is more then an hour away, or If we are doing a larger material pick up with my trailer.

Do you charge by the hour, lump sum, or time and materials?
– We prefer to quote the job as a whole. Within that quote we break down cost for labour and provide a rough idea on how many hours the given task will take. Certain jobs might be done at an hourly rate if needed.

When can you start?
– All depends on the time of year and the amount of work that is already on the go. But usually depending on the size of the job we like to start within a few weeks of making contact with our clients and what their needs are.